General Information

Terms and Conditions:

New distributors and customers 100% deposit required with first order


All art is subject to review. If extensive designing or alteration to prepare for production are deemed necessary, you will be quoted an art charge before work begins.

Art Preparation:

No charge for copy set in our standard type styles or if camera-ready art is furnished. If additional art is needed such as logos, trademarks, special style lettering, boarders, ext., add $44/r initial order only

Return of Art:

Artwork supplied by the customer will be retained in our files unless requested to be returned upon the completion of the order

Metallic Ink:

A clear coat is recommended for metallic gold and metallic silver. Price as one additional color.

Color Match:

$45/r per color match. We cannot guarantee perfect color match.

Color Change:

$25/r for each color change of imprint.

Black and White Proofs:

Up to 2 black and white proofs will be furnished per order at no charge. A $50 art charge will be added to your order for each additional proof request. Production time will not begin until the proof is approved.

Copy Change:

$25/r for each change of copy with the same colors as the original. We must receive all copies at the same time for this price to apply. Changes must be in multiples of 125.

Proofs That Do Not Become Orders:

$50 Charge for any proof that does not become an order within 30 days.

Important Fit Information:

Always check the fit of the frame on the car or motorcycle and on the license plate to make sure the style chosen does not cover up certificated or other information required by state law. Factory is not responsible for fit or coverage problems.


Normal Production 4-5 weeks based on date order is received, reorder 3-4 weeks.

Over-runs and Under-runs:

All orders are subject to 5% over and under.

Changes / Cancellations:

There will be no charge if order change or cancellation is receive before work on art has begun. A minimum of $50 will be billed. An order cannot be cancelled if it has been produced.

F.O.B. Point:

All shipments are F.O.B. our plant in Ohio. We are not responsible for orders lost or damaged in transit.

Split Shipments:

Add $6 for each additional destination. All destinations will be shipped at the same time.

Repeat Orders:

Identify repeat orders by our last invoice number, and year produced.


Due to fluctuation in material and labor costs, all published prices are subject to change without notice.